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Aug 23, 2013 1:00am PDT
the "rachel maddow show" starts live from north carolina, the frontline in the voting rights battle. good evening, rachel. >>> good evening, chris. it's a beautiful night here. thank you, my friend. i appreciate it. thanks to you at home for staying with us the next hour. we're bringing you this show this hour from not our usual home base with way more mosquitos than are usually ever on my face. here's why we're on the road. the day before the '08 presidential election, the morning of the day before the election, presidential candidate barack obama that day got a phone call in the morning telling him that his grandmother had just died. she had died at the apartment in hawaii where he had lived with her for a time when he was a boy. he had been raised partially by his grandparents, by his mother's parents. he was very close to his grandparents. very close to his grandmother. this was the day before the presidential election in 2008 when she died. president obama took time that day to grieve on his own, then that night he came to north carolina just hours before the polls were due to
Aug 15, 2013 6:00pm PDT
the 82nd airborne in north carolina, look at that, they flew from north carolina to egypt and dropped out of the sky all at once. >> 14 hours after taking off from north carolina, american paratroopers landed in the egyptian desert. it was the biggest task so far for the rapid deployment force. 850 members of the 82nd airborne, and tons of weapons and equipment were over the drop site precisely on time and on the ground six minutes later. there were four injuries. the most serious a broken hip. b-52s dropped 500-pound bombs from 600 feet above the egyptian dese desert. a-10 thunderbolts and f-16s bombed desert targets and above it all, an a-wax kept track of the war games. six b-52s flew nonstop from north dakota to hit the target 70 miles from cairo. >> that was november 1981. a fake war in egypt. it apparently cost one paratrooper a broken hip. otherwise it was considered a big success. we've been holding big fake wars in egypt ever since. the first one was in 1980 after egypt signed a peace treaty with israel. we held a fake war with egypt. a big military joint training exercise in 198
Aug 25, 2013 10:00am PDT
the content of a person's character? >> and from north carolina, lucky severson has the story of a protest movement called moral monday. >> forward together, not one step back! >> immore monday is a term i have used, and i do believe it is true. >>> major funding for "religion and ethics newsweekly" is provided by the lilly endowment, an indianapolis based private family foundation dedicated to its founders' interest in religion, community development, and education. additional funding also provided by mutual of america, designing customized individual and group retirement products. that's why we're your retirement company. and the corporation for public broadcasting. >>> welcome. i'm fred de sam lazaro sitting in for bob be aer thety. thank you for joining us. religion groups are among those marking the 50th anniversary of the march on washington with a series of events held throughout the country. at an interfaith service at the mount airy baptist church in washington, a diverse group of clergy said they must continue to fight inequality. >> we will never be satisfied with the injustice
Aug 20, 2013 6:00pm PDT
of north carolina. the mayor of winston-salem is this man, alan joines, a democrat, up for re-election of mayor this year. the challenger on the republican side is this man, james lee knox. he works for a local towing company. and despite being the only republican challenging the incumbent mayor of winston-salem for the mayor's job, james lee knox has just lost the support of his local republican party. the forsythe county republican party has announced that they no longer support james lee knox in his bid to become the next mayor of winston-salem. this comes after mr. knox admitted using with the local paper describes as several derogatory terms including the "n" word in a confrontation with a local elections worker last year. mr. knox acknowledged that he used the racial slur after the 2012 election. he said he was trying to find out the name of a black elections employee with whom he had exchanged words during early voting. during a conversation with another county worker, mr. knox referred to the woman using several derogatory terms including the "n" word. mr. knox says he
Aug 13, 2013 3:00pm PDT
. we explore the fight over creating the world's largest airline. >> woodruff: then, north carolina joined a growing list of states to pass a voter i.d. law. we debate the measure, the first since a landmark ruling on voting rights by the supreme court. >> brown: new yorkers weigh the pros and cons of the city's stop and frisk policy. we get reaction to a judge's order to limit the program. >> woodruff: despite dire warnings, egypt's government has yet to crack down on mass- protests supporting the ousted president. margaret warner talks with egypt's foreign minister. >> brown: new education standards taken up by many states outline what kids should learn but not how. john merrow looks at teachers and students adjusting to "the common core." >> with mathematics, it used to be this is how you do it, here are your steps, if you don't do it that way, you're wrong. now the common core says do it any way you want, just be able to do it and justify your answer. >> woodruff: and luck strikes 16 maintenance workers in new jersey. we hear from the group who recently won a big lottery jackpot
Aug 13, 2013 6:00pm PDT
in north carolina; new yorkers respond to "stop and frisk"; egypt's foreign minister; a new standard for public education; and the story of some lucky lottery winners. but first, the other news of the day. here's kwame holman. >> reporter: the government of israel announced today it's moving ahead with plans to build nearly 900 new homes in east jerusalem. the statement comes a day before peace talks are set to resume. the news was criticized by palestinians, and u.s. secretary of state john kerry said he'd had a "very frank" discussion with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. kerry spoke as he traveled in brazil. >> let me make it clear, the policy of the united states of america with respect to all settlements is that they are illegitimate. and we oppose settlements taking place at any time, not just the time of the... of the peace process. >> reporter: in a separate move, israel carried out a promise that led to the peace negotiations by releasing 26 palestinian prisoners. buses left a prison in central israel after nightfall. the inmates had been held on charges ranging fr
Comedy Central
Aug 5, 2013 11:00pm PDT
draconian voting rights legislation came from a little further north. >> last week north carolina passed one of the most restrictive voter suppression bills in the nation. a bill that slashes in half the state's early voting period, then eliminates same day voting registration that requires voters to show a government issued i.d.. >> it doesn't stop there t also placing all voting booths on buoys so they are only accessible by yachts. now the thing that occurs to me in all of this legislation is what problems are you trying to solve? why are you doing this? >> the state elections board said that they've only had one document case of voter impersonation fraud in 2012. you say -- >> the important thing is enhancing confidence in elections. this is something that is about making sure that when people show up to vote they are who they say they are. >> okay, stop there. because as i believe has been established, the problem isn't people showing up to vote and not being who they say they are, it's person as in one, singular, one guy out of four and a half million people who voted in the last elect
Aug 26, 2013 9:00pm PDT
of minority residents to turn out and vote. the fight is also on right now in north carolina. that state's new voter suppression law is seen as even more draconian than the one that was passed in texas that the federal government is suing over right now. the north carolina law, and all of the national coverage of that law, has kicked up a wave of opposition in the state. last thursday, north carolina's republican governor pat mccrory who signed that bill, he appeared at a ceo forum in raleigh. the very next speaker after him at that event was former secretary of state colin powell. and with governor mccrory in the audience speaking right after him, colin powell, a republican, took a direct rhetorical aim at governor mccrory's voting bill saying, "these kinds of actions do not build on the base. it just turns people away. it just turns people away. i want to see policies that encourage every american to vote, not make it more difficult to vote." those comments from colin powell in north carolina on thursday made a lot of waves in north carolina. but then secretary, former secretary of state col
FOX News
Aug 13, 2013 10:00am PDT
states, she made a mention of north carolina which is a state that democrats contested. one lost in 2012 and florida a key to any republican chance. because they have a smaller map. and focusing on the state where democrats want votes and the goal is among democrat system chlor. to say if you are racist if you seek voter id laws. if you want voter id laws, that isitant amount to racial disinfran choizment. it is enough for the republicans to be skittish about enacting the laws and that is enough for democrats. >> throw- fifths of the states have enacted voter id law with the right to come in and vote. and every day, there are more places to show your id, certainly in the airport or federal buildings and you have to show the id. looking at the north carolina law, it doesn't go into affect 2016 and why not put an effort to making sure people can get id's. they have a lot of time to be able to accomplish that goal? >> but the goal is not just to change the law, it is to brand republicans as racist, number one. and number two, the goal is to say to other states that are thinking about this.
Aug 12, 2013 7:00pm PDT
in this historic case. >> thank you. >>> coming up, north carolina's governor signed the state's new voter suppression bill into law today. and what does it take for a rodeo clown to get banned for life from the missouri state fair? we will show you that video. >>> and the jury has spoken today in the boston trial of whitey bulger and time for the immediate wra media to start rewriting their image of whitey bulger. that's in tonight's rewrite. alert. the beach on your tv is much closer than it appears. dive into labor day with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity. at humana, our medicare agents sit down with you and ask. being active. and being with this guy. [ male announcer ] getting to know you is how we help you choose the humana medicare plan that works best for you. mi familia. ♪ [ male announcer ] we want to help you achieve your best health, so you can keep doing the things that are important to you. taking care of our customers. taking care of her. and the next thing on our list is bungee jumping. [ male announcer ] helping you... now that's what's important to us. >>> sarah pali
Aug 12, 2013 10:00pm PDT
for your participation in this historic case. >> thank you. >>> coming up, north carolina's governor signed the state's new voter suppression bill into law today. and what does it take for a rodeo clown to get banned for life from the missouri state fair? we will show you that video. >>> and the jury has spoken today in the boston trial of whitey bulger and time for the media to start rewriting their image of whitey bulger. that's in tonight's rewrite. nobody insures more bikes than progressive. do you guys ride? well... no. sometimes, yeah. yes. well, if you know anybody else who also rides, send them here -- we got great coverage. it's not like bikers love their bikes more than life itself. i doubt anyone will even notice. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. aarrggh! >>> sarah palin jumped into the rand paul versus chris christie fight. after it was over. after rand paul surrendered to chris christie and begged to kiss and make up, a proposal that christie just wasn't in the mood for. so whose side did loser sarah palin jump in on when t
Aug 18, 2013 1:00pm PDT
leaders have been frightening organized in acting out in reforms. one state in north carolina offers a cautionary tale. the first era of all republican rule since the mckinley administration. first, on the gop agenda, gerrymandering. the gop ensured that they would have an up hill battle trying to undo the damage done. in 2012 they passed amendment with banning same-sex marriage making something that was already illegal more illegal. then, on election day 2012, republicans not only maintained both houses in the assembly but also picked up their first republican governor in more than two decades. that allowed the gop to pack on the pain. the governor signed a tax plan that increases taxes on the poor and gives a tax cut to those making nearly $1 million. a couple of weeks later, despite a pledge not to sign any new abortion restrictions if elected, mcquery restricted women's rights and then signing a sweeping voter i.d. law. joining me now to talk about it is north carolina -- about the voter i.d. law and republican rule, let's bring in ari from "the nation." ari, thank you for joinin
Aug 16, 2013 6:00pm PDT
out in the great state of north carolina, they have their own vivya applewhite, and her name is rosanell eaton. rosanell eaton is 92 years old. she registered to vote back in the days of jim crow. she rode to the county courthouse with her mother and her brother in a wagon that was pulled by a mule. >> as we approached their office, there were three white men seated. one of them looked at me and asked me, what do you want, little girl? i quickly told them the story what i wanted and what i was there for. one of the men, looking at each other again, told me, stand up straight against that wall, with your eyes looking directly toward me and repeat the preamble of the united states of america, without missing a word, i did it. >> you want to vote, little girl, stand up, look at me, and recite the preamble from the constitution, do not miss a word. if you were frip and you wanted to vote back then, you might get put to all kinds of challenges, ridiculous challenges like this. ridiculous challenges like these ones from louisiana that were recently dug up by quote -- i c
Al Jazeera America
Aug 26, 2013 5:00pm EDT
the section five represented. if he is successful the department of justice might join against north carolina reform. if he doesn't prove racial discrimination, it is even stroker show that section 5 is no longer needed. >> what does it mean for people trying to go to the polls? ... s ... >> welcome back. you're watching inside story. martin luther king supporters say the task is not done. ocritics say it is easier than ever for states with a history of racial discrimination to put in place restrictions. voters cannot cast a ballot without showing a photo i.d. texas has passed a strict photo i.d. and is being challenged by the justice department. department. a government issued photo i.d. and ends same day registration. registration. first, as we have set this up we are talking about restrictive. >> it's the ballot and the measure. people need to have legitimate elections and voter i.d. some states have it, canada, germany, holabdomen, switzerland. this should not be controversial to showio show your i.d. the most basic thing we can demand is to check they are who they say they are. if they c
Aug 13, 2013 11:00am PDT
hall. we begin with a legal battle brewing in north carolina over that state's new voter i.d. law, considered to be one of the strictest in the country. the naacp, the aclu, and at least two other groups are pressing ahead with lawsuits challenging the sweeping new restrictions. without any formal ceremony or cameras president, north carolina's republican governor silently signed that measure yesterday afternoon. it limits early voting in the state and requires voters to show photo i.d. at the polls. pete williams joins me now live about this. certainly there's been a lot of backlash about what this north carolina law means and also how the governor is reacting to it. >> well, the governor did put out a ewe tube video. he said voter i.d.s are what most states now require, that you have to have an i.d. to board an airplane or even to buy antihistamines at the drugstore, so why not do it to make sure the election process is safe and fair and eliminates fraud, or at least reduces the chances for fraud. what this does -- i think one of the reasons it's attracted a lot of attention, th
Aug 19, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. except maybe not in north carolina. last week the republican party chairman from pasquatank county in north carolina brought a challenge to a local elections board there saying a student from the local historically black college should not be allowed to run for office in the county because he couldn't be considered a local resident. the evidence against this student in part is that he doesn't have any utility bills with his name on them. which, of course, he doesn't have because he lives in the dorms at school. the newly appointed republican majority on the local elections board sided with the republican party chairman and they disqualified that young man from running for office. the same challenge would also block his right to vote in that county. the republican party chairman now says he will try to go after voting rights for all of the students at that local black college in elizabeth city using the same kind of residency challenge. he says, in fact, republicans should do that statewide given the success he's had against the students at elizabeth city. he told the associated pre
Aug 26, 2013 3:00pm PDT
is already suing texas to stop its new voter id law and reports say that north carolina's extreme voting restrictions will likely be next in line for attorney general eric holder, who also spoke on saturday. >> we must remember generations who carry themselves on a day-to-day basis with great dignity in the face of unspeakable injustice. but for them, i would not be attorney general of the united states and barack obama would not be president of the united states of america. this struggle must and will go on in the cause of our nation's quest for justice. until every eligible american has the chance to exercise his or her right to vote, unencumbered by discriminatory or unneeded procedures, rules, or practices. >> the thousands who came out this weekend are ready to continue that quest for justice. >> we're on our way to north carolina. we're on our way to texas. we're on our way to florida. and when they ask us for our voter id, take out a photo of medgar evers, take out a photo of goodman, cheney and take out a photo of viola louisa. they gave their lives so we could vote. look at this
Aug 13, 2013 7:00am PDT
early voting including the latest. north carolina where the governor signed that bill into law just yesterday. let me bring in ma lika hence and lynn sweet. good morning. >> more than 80 bills restricting voting rights in 31 states. the justice department is already going after texas to try to test the supreme court decision. does the speech do you think give any momentum to that cause to expand voting rights since she chose this as her focus? >> i think it does. i think you've had a situation where although the conversation around voting, i.d.s it has been on the left primarily and in small pockets in the civil rights community as well. i think hillary clinton brings it into the mainstream in way it hasn't been before, but i also think this north carolina law could also be a tipping point because the argument that conservatives have made around voter i.d. laws has been voter fraud by this rath of restrictions used and signed into law in north carolina doesn't really address a voter fraud which in some ways snolt a problem in north carolina but the idea you're shutting down voting o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,053 (some duplicates have been removed)